K.M.Corke and Associates

About Us

Kerry Corke has 20 years experience in the development of policy and legislation.

He developed over 55 pieces of legislation (both Acts of Parliament and regulations), for a number of different Australian Government Departments.

He also acted as an advocate in the Federal Administrative Appeals Tribunal in over 120 cases.

He established K.M. Corke and Associates in 1999 to provide industry associations, government agencies, parliamentary parties and corporations with many of the legal policy services of an Attorney-General's department.

Services include:

  • Facilitation - assistance in framing the questions of "what is the problem" and "what do we want to achieve and how".
  • Assistance in the development of policy.
  • Presentation of policy at meetings, conferences, Parliamentary or other committees &c.
  • The preparation of documents such as parliamentary submissions, articles, guidelines, draft legislation.
  • The development of systems to implement legislation.
  • Provision of secretariat services for associations and campaigns.

The company is based in Canberra, but provides services throughout Australia and the South Pacific.