K.M.Corke and Associates

For Industry Associations, Political Parties and Companies

It is a fact that when developing policy, the devil is always "in the detail".

K.M. Corke and Associates have assisted a number of industry associations and political parties at National and State/Territory level to develop policy, and to tackle the parliamentary process.

They include:

  • Assistance in the development of policy.
  • Assistance in the preparation of submissions, or negotiations with Government in the development of legislation and rules in a "co-regulatory" environment.
  • Analysis of proposed legislation, and the preparation of amendments to improve legislation.
  • Preparation of submissions to Parliamentary Committees,members of Parliament, Government Departments, Law Reform Committees or any other similar bodies.
  • Analysis of compliance of current administrative practices with existing legislation, or other obligations.
  • Preparation of guidelines and other similar documents to ensure compliance with legislation.
  • Analysis of Australian politics at both national and State/Territory levels.
  • Provision of secretariat services.