The Liberal Party’s Sensibly Centrist Campaign

The election is nearly over.

The Liberal Party has rolled out its election campaign.

One gets the feel of sensible centrism about it; that is, a campaign that Malcolm Turnbull could have run.

Following the near loss in 2016 the Turnbull Government started removing perceived policy barnacles.

These included committing to fully funding the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, the Gonski reforms, the NBN, the NDIS and developing and implementing the national energy guarantee.

Well….maybe not the last one. That’s why Scott Morrison is now the leader.

Anyway, the entire Liberal campaign appears to be to remove as far as possible any major differences in current policies, and concentrate on the dangers of new policies proposed by Labor.

And assert their financial management credentials.

The sensible centre, personified.

Much of the last budget largely set out the manifesto – which may be fair enough for a government asking for its third term. Hence the restrained nature of the campaign.

The Plan for Australia pledge card set out above constitutes their policy offering.

You simply have to trust the promised surpluses eventuate so the tax relief promised can be delivered, whilst the last promise of ‘guaranteed increased funding for schools, hospitals, medicines and roads’ both the confirmation to Nothing Much Changing as well as forming the basis of a State Government like promiseathon on infrastructure.

We’ll find out soon enough whether this, together with intonations of now not being the time to change will get the Liberals over the line.

If they win, we will examine some of their published policies and see how they could look in legislative form.

If you require any assistance in analysing, and proposing changes to any legislation prepared by the new government, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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