The ALP Policy Offering: Bold or Reckless?

The Labor Party provided a bold policy approach at this election. They’ve worked out a ‘small ball’ approach to policy at election time may not work if you want to make big policy decisions once you win. The idea is to build a winning coalition by adding to its trade union and socially progressive base: [...]

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The Liberal Party’s Sensibly Centrist Campaign

The election is nearly over. The Liberal Party has rolled out its election campaign. One gets the feel of sensible centrism about it; that is, a campaign that Malcolm Turnbull could have run. Following the near loss in 2016 the Turnbull Government started removing perceived policy barnacles. These included committing to fully funding the pharmaceutical [...]

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Australia’s ‘Bull Moose’ Moment

One of the interesting aspects of the 2019 Federal election is the large number of plausible independent candidates in electorates such as Wentworth, Warringah and even Kooyong running against sitting Liberals with sufficient coordination (and funding) such as to be able to run a common advertisement. Amongst the matters pushed by the indies include climate [...]

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