From COAG to National Cabinet – Introduction

The time after the Morrison Government’s re-election can be divided in two: Before Covid (BC) and After the Disease (AD).

There was a clear enough agenda in the times BC.

The Budget was to be ‘back in black’.

Focus was to be on ‘congestion busting ‘ bureaucratic and regulatory bottlenecks, with weaknesses in the provision of social services remedied through the Disability and Aged Care Royal Commissions.

Retirement income policy was to be reviewed.

Climate policy differences within government were to be managed through a climate solutions fund and a recommitment to both the Snowy 2 and the ‘Battery of the Nation’ projects as well as the  current emissions reductions target of 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2030, with other social issues including some form of recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the Constitution and freedom of religious speech to be dealt with in an incremental manner.

That was BC.

In 2020, first the bushfires came and then the virus.

Now the country is AD.

Money has to be found for Jobkeeper and Jobseeker, amongst other schemes, which were part of a $214bn spend – reportedly the second largest in the world. This will necessitate some reordering of priorities.

The need to improve productivity was also identified.

Since May, the Government has unveiled a number of new productivity ideas and changes in the administrative structure of the federation to assist the post bushfire/COVID recovery.

These ideas are now discussed, starting in the next post with some proposed productivity initiatives.


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