After COAG – Creating a Clear Pathway for Intergovernmental Decision Making – Possible Issues

The previous article introduced the Conran report[1] and identified some issues requiring further consideration. These are now discussed. The National Federation Reform Council held on 11 December 2020 established the priorities of the National Cabinet Reform Committees (NCRC) for 2021: As Conran says: National Cabinet will stand up and task these NCRCs with high priority [...]

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After COAG – Creating a Clear Pathway for Intergovernmental Decisions Making- Introduction

The Government has published the Review of COAG Councils and Ministerial Forums[1] otherwise known as the Conran Report (Conran) and its associated Guidance for Intergovernmental Meetings[2]. As Conran said at the beginning of the report: The intention is to bring implement the change of intergovernmental arrangements arising from the abolition of COAG and subsequent adoption [...]

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From COAG to National Cabinet – Will the New Structure Work?

As the Victorian Parliament’s Federal-State Relations Committee observed in 1998, Prime Minister Hawke expressed a commitment to improving intergovernmental decision-making, following a particularly acrimonious Financial Premiers Conference in June 1990. The first step was to propose a number of procedural changes to the Premiers Conference itself, with the intention to reduce its ad hoc nature, [...]

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From COAG to National Cabinet – Regulatory Reform

As the Prime Minister told the press club on 26 May: An educated and highly skilled workforce that supports not just a thriving and innovative services sector, but a modern, competitive and advanced manufacturing sector. The skilled labour businesses need to draw on, the affordable and reliable energy they need, the research and technology that [...]

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From COAG to National Cabinet – Introduction

The time after the Morrison Government’s re-election can be divided in two: Before Covid (BC) and After the Disease (AD). There was a clear enough agenda in the times BC. The Budget was to be ‘back in black’. Focus was to be on ‘congestion busting ‘ bureaucratic and regulatory bottlenecks, with weaknesses in the provision [...]

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