Election 2022 – What the Coalition promised in 2019 and how did they go?

The Liberal-National Coalition is seeking a third consecutive term of government at the upcoming election. It was a term book ended by bushfires and floods, with the first worldwide pandemic in a century thrown in together with a deteriorating global security climate. This is how some of the main promises from 2019 fared. Climate The [...]

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Thoughts on the Aged Care Royal Commission (2)

Governance This second article on the Aged Care Royal Commission[1] discusses the governance structures for the aged care sector canvassed in the Commission’s report. The Commissioners differed on the issue. Commissioner Briggs’ model was a ‘stewardship’ model vesting governance responsibilities with with the Federal Department of Health and Aged Care: One presumes that a ‘stewardship’ [...]

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From COAG to National Cabinet- the Council on Federal Financial Relations

The Council on Federal Financial Relations (CFFR) has a lot of heavy lifting to do under the new National Federation reform structure. Not only does it have to revise and rationalise National Partnership Agreements, it is at the front and centre of taxation and regulatory reform. In relation to deregulation, as it happens there is [...]

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The Government Of Quiet Australians (2)

This is the second of two articles discussing some of the subject areas being addressed by the Morrison Government. Theme 5 - Retirement income review How Australians fund retirement, whether through programmed increases in the superannuation guarantee or the ability to use negative gearing to invest in housing was obviously one of the defining issues [...]

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