Thoughts on the Aged Care Royal Commission (2)

Governance This second article on the Aged Care Royal Commission[1] discusses the governance structures for the aged care sector canvassed in the Commission’s report. The Commissioners differed on the issue. Commissioner Briggs’ model was a ‘stewardship’ model vesting governance responsibilities with with the Federal Department of Health and Aged Care: One presumes that a ‘stewardship’ [...]

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Thoughts on the Aged Care Royal Commission (1)

The Government has received the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety (the Royal Commission).[1] A Split Royal Commission The Commissioners divided on governance and funding issues. This is an extremely unusual outcome. Royal Commissions tend to provide unanimous recommendations. At the very least, there is usually an odd number of Royal Commissioners to [...]

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After COAG – Creating a Clear Pathway for Intergovernmental Decision Making – Possible Improvements

Australia has what is known as a ‘executive federalism’ system of government. As Brian Galligan has said: Federalism that divides government between separate spheres, especially when such division is heavily concurrent as in the Australian case, requires extensive inter-governmental relations and arrangements. The resultant system of 'executive federalism' entails dealings between the Commonwealth and State [...]

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The Federal Budget – a Focus on Tax, Infrastructure, Regulation and Manufacturing

The Budget was handed down on 6 October. The broad nature of the document is by now well known:  the Government has total current liabilities of 1.6 trillion dollars[1] with real GDP to fall by 3.75% in calendar year 2020[2], and total gross debt projected to stabilise at around 55% of GDP in the medium [...]

From COAG to National Cabinet – Regulatory Reform

As the Prime Minister told the press club on 26 May: An educated and highly skilled workforce that supports not just a thriving and innovative services sector, but a modern, competitive and advanced manufacturing sector. The skilled labour businesses need to draw on, the affordable and reliable energy they need, the research and technology that [...]

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