After COAG – Creating a Clear Pathway for Intergovernmental Decision Making – Possible Improvements

Australia has what is known as a ‘executive federalism’ system of government. As Brian Galligan has said: Federalism that divides government between separate spheres, especially when such division is heavily concurrent as in the Australian case, requires extensive inter-governmental relations and arrangements. The resultant system of 'executive federalism' entails dealings between the Commonwealth and State [...]

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The Federal Budget – a Focus on Tax, Infrastructure, Regulation and Manufacturing

The Budget was handed down on 6 October. The broad nature of the document is by now well known:  the Government has total current liabilities of 1.6 trillion dollars[1] with real GDP to fall by 3.75% in calendar year 2020[2], and total gross debt projected to stabilise at around 55% of GDP in the medium [...]

From COAG to National Cabinet – Regulatory Reform

As the Prime Minister told the press club on 26 May: An educated and highly skilled workforce that supports not just a thriving and innovative services sector, but a modern, competitive and advanced manufacturing sector. The skilled labour businesses need to draw on, the affordable and reliable energy they need, the research and technology that [...]

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